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Your extra benefits at VGZ

Modernising the healthcare sector is more important than ever. That's how you get the best care. It's what we at Coöperatie VGZ are committed to. And we don't do it alone. For example, we also work with your employer to offer you the most suitable healthcare insurance.

Would you like to know more about what's included in our healthcare insurances? You can easily put together your own package below or, if you need some help in determining what care you need, we'll gladly lend a hand.

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Discover the benefits of a group healthcare insurance through $collectiefnaam$ ($nummerVGZ$)

  • Premium starting at 139,95 a month
  • Extra generous reimbursement for physiotherapy
  • A higher budget for dental care and orthodontics
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All the advantages at a glance

In addition to a discount on your supplementary insurance and more generous reimbursements, a group healthcare insurance also comes with many additional benefits to help you work on your health.

Financial benefits
Extra generous reimbursements and discounts

Receive a discount on your premium for you and your family. And enjoy extra generous reimbursements for physiotherapy, dental care and orthodontics.

Prevention budget
Extra generous personal health budget

A prevention budget for courses and training, such as a lifestyle programme by doctor Tamara, a first-aid course or a lifestyle check.

More benefits
Discount on exercise and healthcare products

Get a discount and save on products that help you work on your health more easily.

Especially for you
Additional programmes in our 3 lifestyle apps

Get started with exclusive exercises in our apps. Learn to work mindfully in the VGZ Mindfulness Coach app or talk to an exercise coach in the VGZ Soepel en Sterk Coach app.

Your extras for a healthy lifestyle

Gezond Leven: free apps, workshops and tips to help you live healthier

Want to work on healthier eating, exercising or mental health? Choose from our apps and dozens of workshops and get to work where and when it suits you. It's how all of us together contribute to a healthier Netherlands through exercise.

VGZ app: best valued healthcare insurance app in the Netherlands

Your personal assistant for health and care. See at which hospital you're helped the soonest. View a complete overview of your used-up care anytime. And quickly arrange healthcare matters, such as submitting claims, in the app. Aren't insured yet, but would you like to look around in the app? You can! Download the app and select the 'Looking around' option.

Frequently asked questions

We understand that you may sometimes have questions about group healthcare insurance. On this page, we answer frequently asked questions about group healthcare insurance.

  • Want to know whether the care you need is reimbursed? The reimbursement page shows you what reimbursement you'll receive from a healthcare provider with and without a contract. Log in to the page for a personal overview.

  • Need care? You can contact various healthcare providers throughout the Netherlands. Which healthcare provider depends on your type of insurance: restitution, in-kind or a combination of both. Our Care Finder quickly shows you where you can go.

  • No, we'll do it for you! This allows you to take out your healthcare insurance quickly and easily. A central system within the Netherlands will tell you where you're currently insured and where we can cancel it for you.

  • This is determined by your employer. Want to know if you're entitled to this? You can check this with your HR department. Regardless of whether you receive an employer's contribution, you must pay your healthcare insurance yourself. Any employer's contribution is settled later.

Enjoy a competitive premium

We continue to offer a competitive premium and suitable supplementary packages.

Arrange your own healthcare matters

The VGZ app allows you to quickly and easily arrange your own healthcare matters. The Netherlands' best-rated healthcare app.

Always a healthcare provider nearby

You'll find all healthcare providers with whom we have a contract in the Care Finder.

Switching to VGZ is very easy

We'll arrange everything for you with our switching service and cancel your current healthcare insurance.