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Join the others for a VGZ healthcare insurance policy via Syngenta Seeds

With group benefits for me and my family

This healthcare insurance policy is specifically designed to cover people working in the Netherlands, offering many extra benefits.
Such as a discount on your basic and supplementary insurance policy. And also use of various apps and interesting health tips. This ensures good insurance!

  • Group discounts for the full family
  • Generous reimbursements for dental care, mindfulness and physiotherapy 
  • VGZ Zorg app: insight into your reimbursements and claims, any time, any place
  • Shorter waiting lists thanks to our healthcare advisors
  • Gezond Leven Platform: digital and regional workshops relating to healthy lifestyle

Group insurance number: 5126

More information relating to the healthcare insurance policy

You want to be insured adequately for healthcare expenses with a high level of convenience? Discover our insurance policies and select the most appropriate one.

The basic insurance policies

A basic insurance policy is mandatory in the Netherlands. A basic insurance policy ensures that you are insured for necessary medical care, including GP’s, healthcare in a hospital, emergency assistance and drugs.  

The supplementary insurance policies

Do you need healthcare which is not covered by the basic insurance policy. Then you can select supplementary insurance. VGZ Werkt: supplementary insurance that really works for workers in the Netherlands.  

Dental care insurance policies

The basic insurance policy does not cover dental care. You can select a dental care insurance policy that really works for workers in the Netherlands.

Handy VGZ Services

VGZ Zorg app

Met de app regel jij je zorgzaken gemakkelijk en overal. Zo kun je snel en eenvoudig declareren via foto of pdf, direct je facturen betalen via iDeal en persoonlijk zien wat je nog vergoed krijgt.

Healthcare advice & intermediary

Our healthcare advisors are pleased to help you with shorter waiting lists. In 7 of every 10 cases, they can find another provider who can provide the help faster. With the same quality.

VGZ Mindfulness Coach app

VGZ Mindfulness app

Mindfulness at any time? Our app offers a special programme and separate exercises. Additionally, this app can be adjusted for your personal preferences. The app has been downloaded 60,000 times.