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As an employee of Royal IHC, I choose the group healthcare insurance coverage offered by my employer

With all the advantages this offers me and my family

We all know what modern life is like; a busy job, responsibilities at home, leisure activities and also time for sport to stay fit. Good healthcare coverage is therefore essential. Royal IHC and their group healthcare insurance provider,VGZ, stand ready to help with:

  • Group discount for the entire family
  • Affordable insurance with our new basic insurance plan and supplementary insurance
  • Extra generous payments for mindfulness, physiotherapy and dental care, incl. orthodontics
  • Claim payments in no time via the VGZ Zorg app
  • We check which care providers can offer you the care you need in the shortest time

Handy VGZ Services

VGZ Care app

Easily arrange your healthcare affairs in the VGZ Care app. The app also goes with you, wherever you go. Claim your reimbursement simply by uploading a photo or PDF. Pay your bills directly with iDeal, your online banking tool. Or check how much healthcare coverage you have remaining.

Healthcare advice & intermediary

Our healthcare advisors are pleased to help you with shorter waiting lists. In 7 of every 10 cases, they can find another provider who can provide the help faster. With the same quality.
Mindfulness app

VGZ Mindfulness app

Mindfulness at any time? Our app offers a special programme and separate exercises. Additionally, this app can be adjusted for your personal preferences. The app has been downloaded 60,000 times.