What you need to know when moving or going to work in The Netherlands

Do you live abroad and plan to move to The Netherlands? Or are you going to work in The Netherlands? Then you are required to have healthcare insurance. You can arrange this easily online.

Everyone who lives and/or works in The Netherlands is obligated to have a health care insurance. The government arranged this in the ‘Zorgverzekeringswet’ (Healthcare insurance law). Children under the age of 18 are insured free of charge. People over 18 are required to obtain basic healthcare coverage and may choose to add supplementary coverage.

Make sure you have organized your healthcare insurance in time

You have to take out an insurance policy within 4 months after moving to The Netherlands. If you start working in The Netherlands you also have 4 months to arrange your healthcare insurance after starting your job.

Are you an EU-citizen? 

It is important that you have valid healthcare insurance within 4 months after moving to The Netherlands. 

Are you a non-EU-citizen? 

Then it is necessary to have valid healthcare insurance within 4 months after the issue date of your residence permit.

Why do you need healthcare insurance

The Netherlands healthcare insurance system is based on the principle of social solidarity. Everyone contributes via their basic healthcare premiums. Because of the communal payment, crucial healthcare services are accessible for everyone.