Choose collective health insurance through your employer

With extra benefits for a healthy lifestyle

As an employee in the Netherlands your health insurance with VGZ comes with extra benefits: a discount on your supplementary insurance, generous reimbursements and many extras for a healthy lifestyle.

What is collective health insurance?

A health insurance policy for a group of people. For example, employees with the same employer, member organisations, self-employed people or municipalities. Because we make agreements that apply to large groups, we can offer advantages. Such as the group discount on your supplementary insurance. 

Benefits of insuring yourself collectively

  • Discounts for the whole family on supplementary insurance
  • Extra coverage for physiotherapy and oral care including orthodontics
  • Generous prevention budget for e.g. a lifestyle check or first-aid course
  • Free use of Gezond Leven: an online platform for healthy living
  • Quick payment of claims via the VGZ app

Find out if your employer is a partner at VGZ


Making the Netherlands healhtier with you

If you opt for collective health insurance via VGZ, you support our movement for a healthier Netherlands. We encourage a healthy lifestyle with healthcare innovations, the VGZ app and our Gezond Leven platform. We are happy to help you make a healthier life easier. We also encourage you to give your opinion and help us improve. Insure yourself with us and thus contribute to a healthier Netherlands. And support the innovation of healthcare. For now and for later.

Helping you live a healthier life.  With our Gezond Leven platform (in Dutch)

Living healthier is important for all of us. But sometimes quite difficult. At VGZ we understand that. As a cooperative with no goal of making profit, we are here to make healthy living a little bit easier. For you and for everyone in the Netherlands. With all kinds of apps and workshops to get started yourself. And we work with healthcare providers on progressive ways to innovate healthcare. In this way we contribute together to our movement for a healthier Netherlands and we keep healthcare good, affordable and accessible to everyone.