About VGZ

With over 2.1 million policyholders, VGZ is one of the largest non-profit health insurers in the Netherlands.

Advantages of health insurance with VGZ

  • You are always welcome
  • Generous reimbursement for supplementary insurance
  • You can benefit from collective discounts
  • Freedom to put together your own care package
  • Children up to 18 years of age are insured at no extra cost

Who is VGZ and what do we stand for?

VGZ is one of the largest non-profit health insurers in the Netherlands. We believe it’s important that you receive good care. And that your healthcare affairs are arranged quickly and easily.

When you need care, you want good care that matches your personal situation. We understand that. We work continually with healthcare providers on innovations to improve healthcare quality. We do this because we believe that healthcare quality can be improved and unnecessary costs can be eliminated. With ‘Zinnige Zorg' (our sensible care strategy), we work with others to keep healthcare accessible and affordable.

Part of Coöperatie VGZ

VGZ is part of Coöperatie VGZ. Our cooperative provides health insurance under a number of brands, including VGZ. The cooperative insures more than 4 million customers. We do this without a profit motive.

What do we do with your premium?
Our main goal is to guarantee good quality, affordable and sensible care for our customers. We determine your monthly premium each year. But what exactly do we do with the premium you pay? We will be happy to explain it to you.

A little history

The story of Coöperatie VGZ began 275 years ago. That’s when a guild of carpenters in Nijmegen decided to look after each other in case of illness and setbacks. They founded Stichting Volksgezondheidszorg Zuid Nederland (VGZ). This was the basis for our solidarity principle and the health insurance fund that later developed into Coöperatie VGZ. Nowadays we just use the abbreviation. But the cooperative and solidarity principles still guide our work.

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