About VGZ

About VGZ

Leading in health and care

Living healthier. It’s something we find more important than ever. But it can be quite difficult at times. At VGZ, we understand. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are here to help all of the Netherlands. We do this by making healthier living just that little easier. And by continuing to improve care. We don't do this alone, of course, but together with doctors, healthcare providers, patient organisations, politicians, employers, carers and our members. Every day, for everyone.

Leading in health

Living healthier. It’s super important. And sometimes quite tricky. We get that and that's why we help you get started.

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Generous prevention budget

Prevention is important. Because if we all live a little healthier, we ensure that the Netherlands as a whole is healthier. Which in turn puts less pressure on our GPs and hospitals, for example. This is how we take care of healthcare and keep it affordable, now and in the future. Check out VGZ Werkt for more about this preventionbudget.
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Mentally balanced

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. Want to fret less, sleep better or experience less stress? Choose what best suits your situation on Gezond Leven. These Dutch workshops are free to attend. Find all our mental, physical and lifestyle workshops on our online platform.

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Digital care

By digital care, we mean all kinds of digital options that we use to make care better or smarter. Such as video calls with your GP and our VGZ app. Or things like having your medicine delivered to your home free of charge. We call this our online pharmacy. Easy and convenient!

Leading in care

We have been working with our partners in healthcare for years to keep improving it. For now and for the future.

A customised brace through 3D scanning

This innovative 3D hand scanner can be used to print a perfectly fitting, personalised brace. As a result, the patient has much less pain and surgery can be avoided.

Cardiac monitoring from home

Cardiac monitoring from home means heart patients need to visit hospital much less often. But they are always being watched. And doctors can even help them in the comfort of their own home if needed.

Breast examination and results on the same day

Not waiting 2 weeks for the results of a breast examination but getting the examination and the results on the same day. This is a great example of an improvement in care that many women are already using.

You also contribute to innovation in health

Insured with VGZ? Excellent! After all, this is how you directly help to keep good care accessible and affordable for all Dutch people. 97% of your premium goes directly to healthcare. And 20% of that goes to innovations in healthcare. This is how we work together with the healthcare sector, to keep improving it.

Stronger together

Every day, we work on innovations for health and care. Together with our partners and members, of course, because only together can we truly make a difference. A group of carpenters from Nijmegen in the Netherlands thought so too 280 years ago. They set up a money jar to which they all contributed, in case someone got sick. This was the starting point of Coöperatie VGZ. We are still a not-for-profit organisation. And we still adhere to the carpenters' idea: we are stronger together.

For you, for everyone

Whatever way your life takes shape, everyone is welcome at Coöperatie VGZ. If you opt for VGZ, then you support our approach. And you are naturally well insured. We help make healthier living easier. Do you need care? Then we will help you find the best suitable care. We reimburse your claims at lightning speed. And through our VGZ Zorg app, you can easily keep control of your own health insurance.

Insure yourself with us and at the same time contribute to a healthier Netherlands. And also support healthcare innovation. For now and for the future.