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About VGZ

Advancing care together

You would rather forget about your healthcare insurance and feel healthy and happy. But if it comes to it, you want to rest assured that everything is in order and you can trust your healthcare insurance. That is exactly the reason why we work hard every day to provide good and affordable care, now and in the future.

Healthcare in the Netherlands is good and we would like to keep it that way, because good care is vital for everyone. But how can we manage this when there is not enough staff and costs keep rising? This is why, more than 5 years ago, VGZ and care providers committed to better care for patients at lower costs. We call it 'zinnige zorg'. We encourage other care institutions to also adopt these smart initiatives by care providers in hospitals, mental healthcare institutions and home-care organisations. It is how we advance care together.

Discover more about 'zinnige zorg' (in dutch)

Better for the Netherlands, better for you

Helpful healthcare sounds great, but how does it benefit you? It could mean a general practitioner who has more time for you and who can give you more helpful advice. Or digital solutions that allow you to recover from surgery at home while still staying in touch with your doctor. Your premiums contribute to these innovations that improve care. 97% of your premiums is spent directly on care, of which 20% goes to innovative care solutions.

Are you curious about how your premiums are used? (in dutch)

Assured of good care now and later with VGZ:

  • A package that suits your individual needs - guaranteed
  • Finding faster treatment for you, together
  • Superfast payment of claims
  • You are in charge of your healthcare insurance with the VGZ Zorg app
  • You contribute to good and affordable care in the future

It’s how we help each other

Did you know that our story started more than 275 years ago, with a group of carpenters from Nijmegen? Together, they created a pot of money they could use in the event someone fell ill. By all putting in a small amount, a healthcare fund of sorts was born, which later became Coöperatie VGZ. A cooperation stands for: stronger together. This has always remained the same. As a cooperation, we are not after making a profit. The total of all the premiums are still like a big piggybank, making sure every one of our more than 2 million policyholders can receive the care they need.